WISO Steuer: 2018 8.05.1630

Hash : ab3fb51de3cc721fdc4ff3df029be3e94ae1f1d1
Date : 2018-03-21
Tags : MacOs Apps Finance

WISO Steuer: 2018 8.05.1630

Desription of WISO Steuer: 2018 8.05.1630

BRANDAKTUELL tax return for 2017: tax WISO: – The popular tax software for Mac Germany! And MacLife TEST WINNER (number 3/2017, tax WISO: 2017). You can not go wrong.

NEW! Control: Automatic takes away a lot of work, decide what and how much. With taxes: Import taxes: extraction and taxes: shipping, a large part of his statement is completed automatically without you register. They verify and confirm information only. And then it immediately goes digital to the tax office. No complicated forms, and even paperless!

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