Vectoraster 7.2.3 (CR2)

Hash : 50dbec353c52984f1e2da264b707b5294fc4e766
Date : 2018-03-27
Tags : MacOs Apps Image Editing Photography

Vectoraster 7.2.3 (CR2)

Desription of Vectoraster 7.2.3 (CR2)

Transforms photos into vector images using patterns
is curious this little program. You can try the experiment with a few pictures which you can convert into vector using configurable patterns. Basically it is using geometric shapes, polygons modeling images will you submit to treatment, with an original result.

Vectoraster become this way any photo in vector image but not like that we all know but rather as a vector pattern. Points or base forms may be chosen, set maximum and minimum size, and to its degree of tilt or rotation.

There are four patterns of defects but your settings make the results can vary and much, alternating grid or radial distribution of these points. There are six basic ways to enjoy. Once finished, you can export to EPS if you want, and use it on any graphics work.

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