Universe Sandbox² 20.6.1

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Date : 2018-03-21
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Universe Sandbox² 20.6.1

Desription of Universe Sandbox² 20.6.1

Sandbox² Universe is a space simulator based on physics. It combines gravity, weather, collision and material interactions to reveal the beauty of our universe and the fragility of our planet. Create, destroy and interact on a scale never before you had imagined. Explore Universe VR Sandbox² Walk and fly around your simulations, melt the planets with a giant laser, then grab it and expúlralo the solar system with a flick of the wrist. Universe Sandbox ² includes the desktop version and VR mode HTC support Live and Oculus Rift + Touch.

Simulate gravity
simulation N-bodies at almost any speed using Newtonian mechanics. Real science, real physics, does not require supercomputer.
Bumping planets and stars
Epic and awesome collisions of massive planetary bodies.
Climate Model Earth
Watch sea ice grow and recede with the seasons due to the tilt of the Earth: change the incline and change stations. Or away the land of sun and freeze the entire planet.
Terraform planets
Add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere of a planet to warm. Then add water …
Deform surfaces
Impacta planets with asteroids and comets and leaves behind solid and molten craters.
Supernova Star
Make a star evolves with increasing age or mass, and then see how a supernova develops.

And more…
– historical simulations: travel along with Juno, New Horizons and other spacecraft
– material system: build planets with hydrogen, iron, rock and water
– solar flares and volatile routes
– Generated procedurally
– stars and planets
– Pulsars
– Black Holes deformed by light
– dark matter

release Notes:
What new features are in Universe Sandbox ²?
– Climate Simulation
– Simulation of Advanced Collision
– Dynamic soundtrack and sound effects
– Stellar evolution and supernovae
– Terraforming
– simulation of materials and composition
– Surfaces animated stars and solar flares
– Black holes deformed by the light
– dark matter
– Surface procedure and planets
– Support VR HTC Live and Oculus Rift + Touch

System Requirements:
– OS: OS X 10.9+
– Processor: Dual core 1.6GHz
– Memory: 1 GB of RAM
– Graphics: OpenGL, video memory 512 MB
– Storage: 1 GB of available

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