Typinator 7.5b2

Hash : 39babdd5fb3e430d8ca71c6469b0a722b5769f5a
Date : 2018-03-26
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

Typinator 7.5b2

Desription of Typinator 7.5b2

Typinator writes for you the most repeat phrases. 
We’ve all experienced this, especially if we are of those who have to answer dozens of emails every day, not that chocheemos but there is no remedy, repeated much the same phrases, either salutations or commercial proposals, or using the same images.

Typinator is a powerful utility that comfort us, really. Typinator makes us more productive with something as simple as assigning Abbreviations various fragments of text and / or images that can be used in any application.
For example, if you want to send a business proposal, the same as another customer, instead of opening the document or search mail message, you would type a simple abbreviation that Typinator become the entire proposal.

You can use Typinator for messages greetings or congratulations, programming code, different in your mail digital signatures, and over will reduce the number of possible errors, as is well known to all, they tend to occur more when you type with extreme confidence and full sail .

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