Synkmark 2.5.7

Hash : 972f95fc82592e071f4e8e92bf071bc2f7ddaf70
Date : 2018-03-22
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

Synkmark 2.5.7

Desription of Synkmark 2.5.7

Synkmark is your bridge to keep synced bookmarks between Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. Synkmark can also keep their alphabetic markers as preferred, verified without duplicates. Synkmark supports iCloud, log on to Google and Firefox Sync, so you can have bookmarks organized on all your devices.

Download Synkmark to start your free trial. Synkmark is a member of the family of BookMacster applications based on the same proven technology, but with a simplified user interface focused on syncing Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. For other applications and pricing options, see Selection Guide Bookmark Manager on our site. Synkmark license covers all Mac used by a person.

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