Syncios Data Transfer 1.2.8

Hash : 5579ddd04f169bf807a7dafb9d55cf8ac02394d3
Date : 2018-03-23
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

Syncios Data Transfer 1.2.8

Desription of Syncios Data Transfer 1.2.8

Syncios Data Transfer 1.2.8 | Mac OS X | 39.92 MB. 
Easily transfer data between their mobile IOS and Android.
Syncios Data Transfer is a tool to transfer data between two phones, backup and restore. Not only provides transfer between iOS and Android devices for applications and application documents, photos, music, ringtone, audiobooks, videos, TV shows , MV, playlist, eBooks and more, but also support the backup of your files and data from your mobile to PC and restore it to its new mobile lossless. And what does if you are an Android user transition to Apple? You can now simply connect both your mobile PC and enjoy data transfer through doing a single click. Almost all file transfers between two mobile lossless.

Multiple Android and iOS compatible devices. You can not just restore from backup iTunes with ease, but also restore the backup iTunes to transfer contacts, messages, photos, video, etc. to any compatible device. In addition, you can transfer songs and playlists from your iTunes library to Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch mobile.

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