SUGARfx Punchline 1.0.1

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Date : 2018-03-23
Tags : MacOs Apps Graphics & Design Video

SUGARfx Punchline 1.0.1

Desription of SUGARfx Punchline 1.0.1

Punchline is a collection of titles and transition elements which have been designed by our team of Broadcast Design with the goal of bringing professional – looking elements informal and professional editor that uses Final Cut Pro X.

This is a collection of 32 elements high definition which includes 11 titles and 21 transitions, all customizable and easy to fit into Final Cut Pro X.

with Punchline can have many options to choose their titles and transition effects and controls they are simple and easy to use and understand.
Some of the panels titles and transitions have the function of improving the footage directly within the element. This versatility allows the user to have multiple looks and styles with just one element.

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