Separation Studio 1.0.2

Hash : 5e9d4bb6c55b79e4a5e9cfdd9156a097826f5f2c
Date : 2018-02-13
Tags : MacOs Apps Image Editing Photography
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Separation Studio 1.0.2

Description of Separation Studio 1.0.2

Color Separation tool Separation Studio with type separation of basic color CMYK. No you need any other software to separate the colors of graphics. Simply open your image file with Separation Studio, and will do the rest.

• Separation Studio can open and save files types jpg, png, bmp, tiff, gif.
• Supports up to 3000×3000 pixel images dimensions.
• Just open your graphic illustrations with Separation Studio and let it work easily!
• After separation, you can save your colors C, M, Y and K in separate with the shape and size desired shape files.
• Color separation is used in printing screens shirts and many other print areas.
• Video Tutorial is available on our support.

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