ScreenFlow 7.3

Hash : 68ffad487a8af87517b2033332e10e9d6caae918
Date : 2018-03-20
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

ScreenFlow 7.3

Desription of ScreenFlow 7.3

With the advent of OS X El Capitan, QuickTime evolved and allowed us to record the screen of your Mac, our iPhone connected … but all these are very basic options that are not worthwhile. To do this, I have come to talk about Screenflow 6, the new version may be the best program to make recordings of your screen and make further editing without leaving the program with the full editor included.

New version of Screenflow, discover their news 
This update has brought many enhancements such as native support for files with the .MTS extension, improvements when exporting projects … But the highlight of all is the new integration our iOS devices.

As in QuickTime, the new version of Screenflow 6 allows us recording the screen of your iOS device in real time with just connect it to your computer using the USB cable.

Another advantage, since the iPhone video recording or recording screen is mostly the ability to edit the video easily and now in this new version support Touch callouts. This feature allows us to show on the screen when we press or make any kind of gesture on the computer that we will show on screen recording and thus make it easier for the user to see our video to see the “action” we do at some point .

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