ScreenFloat 1.5.14

Hash : 26de93f9a01ff8bdc88d5317182c9b0f3eb132ac
Date : 2018-03-19
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

ScreenFloat 1.5.14

Desription of ScreenFloat 1.5.14

ScreenFloat allows you to create screenshots that float above all other windows so that information is always available.

ScreenFloat is ideal for those who are tired to move and resize windows just to access information hidden behind them option.
It is an excellent way of transferring information that can not be copied and pasted into another application.
It is also an excellent tool to store information for later use.
ScreenFloat offers an excellent way to organize your shots with the “Explorer shots” built, which allows you to label and name shots and organize them into “collections” and “Smart Collections”, sorted according to the criteria you specify.

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