Rob Papen Blade 1.0.3d

Rob Papen Blade 1.0.3d

Hash : f17ef90a89f1d169863ebb5b943c5d958e21cd98
Date : 2018-05-16
Tags : Audio MacOs Apps

Rob Papen Blade 1.0.3d

Description of Rob Papen Blade 1.0.3d

Blade’s initial idea was born of desire for more ‘human input’ sound. Classic synthesizer parts are for modulating LFOs and envelopes. ‘Human input’ is the keyboard touch and drivers like pitch bend or modulation wheel.

At the heart of BLADE, you are the Harmolator. This particular system uses oscillator 9 global controls that change the harmonic content (partial) of the waveform. The Harmolator permits dispersion of the oscillator, fatten the sound and the sub oscillator square / sine wave. In addition, the sound may be further modified with the 21 kinds of voice distortions and 14 filter types. Blade offers total control of the sound over time through a series of different modulation controls. The most significant of Blade is the central XY screen. Here you can alter things directly moving the cursor, or you can record routes that can be played. The recorded route may also be linked, bidirectional loop and tempo. Even the XY recording speed can be modulated to dynamic changes!

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  • VSCO FILM 01 (Updated 07.2018)

  • Scrutiny 8.1.9

  • Tetraface Inc Metasequoia 4.6.7

  • Microsoft Excel 2016 VL 16.16.1

  • Clearview 2.0.6