Reflector 3.0.2

Hash : ceebeebd124ddd65ef463a876a1d5f7459ad1ca9
Date : 2018-03-27
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

Reflector 3.0.2

Desription of Reflector 3.0.2

Reflector, use the AirPlay feature on your Mac easily. 
The application allows us to display a real – time streaming application iOS but using a very similar interface to the emulator Xcode to display that content.

Operation Reflector is simple when you consider that there is no need to install anything on our devices, either an iPhone or iPad, all you have to do is install the application on the input device, ie, in our PC or Mac. we install the application, start and then we go to our smartphone or tablet and activate the AirPlay mode to activate the AirPlay simply double click the menu button on your device and slid the bottom bar (where applications recently) used left to right, there we will find the AirPlay icon.

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