PrivacyScan 1.9.4

Hash : e746b7a3812838a9820bebf6d61efd35f3d24f87
Date : 2018-03-25
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

PrivacyScan 1.9.4

Desription of PrivacyScan 1.9.4

Delete the annoying files that violate your privacy allowing people to see where I was surfing and what you were doing on your computer safely. With security and safety destroying Internet files used to track his whereabouts, such as cache files, browsing history, cookies, flash cookies and temporary files to clean your Mac and save space while arresting spies spying on your system.

With PrivacyScan, you can be sure that your tracks remain covered, your private information remains private , and deleted items remain that way. Crushed insurance offered within PrivacyScan goes beyond the standards erase the United States Department of Defense to overwrite files with up to 35 passes to ensure complete removal of confidential data.

PrivacyScan works with many media, Internet and popular applications such as web browsers, to explore possible privacy threats and provide disposal options to help protect your privacy and clean your system to save disk space.

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