Pixel Film Studios – ProIntro: Geometric Volume 2

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Date : 2018-03-21
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Pixel Film Studios – ProIntro: Geometric Volume 2

Desription of Pixel Film Studios – ProIntro: Geometric Volume 2

ProIntro: Geometric Volume 2 is a set of 30 titles auto-animation with minimalist designs with stretching elements in mind. ProIntro presets instantly add a clean, simplistic starter fluid and any production of Final Cut Pro X. Choose from a multitude of rigid designs with elements such as boxes, lines and circles. ProIntro Geometric Volume 2 also presents controls blur, hue, saturation and brightness to create a greater contrast between title elements and background.

30 geometric styles
ProIntro: Geometric Volume 2 features 30 presets autoanimados with minimalist designs. Choose from various styles which also include background settings, customize both the background and the elements to create a unique look. ProIntro lets you drag a preset to the timeline of FCPX, stylize the text and redirect using onscreen controls easily.

Versatile design
ProIntro: Geometric Volume 2 has a simple yet creative design that extends text and elements for a fresh look. Autoinflation applies styles of ProIntro in almost any project. With a quick stylization and smear the color wheel, users can appropriate the minimalist style ProIntro.

intuitive controls
ProIntro: Geometric Volume 2 features controls easy to use screen that helps users of Final Cut Pro X to edit more efficiently. Select the layer to reveal the title screen controls in FCPX. Simply climb, turn and place ProIntro presets with ease and without distorting the resolution text, to create a unique and fast for your projects look.

Customizable in FCPX
ProIntro: Geometric Volume 2 is completely customizable in Final Cut Pro X. Find editable parameters in the upper right of the inspector window. easily change the color of title elements using color wheels. Modify the scale elements using intuitive sliders and screen controls to quickly create a look of your choice. Pixel Film Studios makes it incredibly easy in FCPX.

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