Pixel Film Studios – ProIntro: Blend

Pixel Film Studios – ProIntro: Blend

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Date : 2018-03-16
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Pixel Film Studios – ProIntro: Blend

Description of Pixel Film Studios – ProIntro: Blend

Presentations Final Cut Pro X
ProIntro: Blend 30 is a set of self-introductions animation created exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X. ProIntro: Blend combines basic forms, minimalist animations , and blend modes to create a wonderfully modern effect. With ProIntro: Blend, publishers can easily add a clean and simple opener to any production of FCPX. Use the default settings or customize ProIntro with intuitive controls parameters that can be found in the Inspector window.

30 auto-animation designs
ProIntro Blend is a set of 30 autoanimados designs created exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. ProIntro Blend combines unique modes of fusion with classic designs overlay to create a subtle stylization of images and videos in Final Cut Pro X. Use intuitive pull – down menus to choose overlay text and animations, modify the shape of the mask text and change the blending modes.

Intuitive controls in FCPX
ProIntro Blend presents incredible onscreen controls that help users of Final Cut Pro X to edit more efficiently. Select the layer to reveal the title screen controls in FCPX. With these tools, turn and place ProIntro presets with absolute ease. Check the position of the elements title without having to establish a single keyframe.

Mixed variety
ProIntro Blend allows users to combine designs superimposed on images and videos to create unique effects around the text. Use the soft light or to introduce more luminance add to the scene. With blending modes such as overlay or multiplication, publishers can obscure patterns superimposed over the images and video files.

Customizable in Final Cut Pro X
ProIntro Blend is completely customizable in Final Cut Pro X. Use a variety of blending modes in the overlapping and bottom layers to create a unique stylization for any preset ProIntro. Accomplish hundreds of combinations of different animation with pulldown menus, sliders expansion and positioning controls. Pixel Film Studios makes it incredibly easy in Final Cut Pro X.

  • IK Multimedia AmpliTube 4 Complete 4.5.1

  • PreSonus Studio One Pro 4.0.0

  • Marked 2.5.16

  • Mellel 4.1.1


  • BBEdit 12.1.4