Pixel Film Studios – ProEnergy

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Date : 2018-03-26
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Pixel Film Studios – ProEnergy

Desription of Pixel Film Studios – ProEnergy

Dynamic interference effects for FCPX
Create a fun effect, energetic and dynamic interference with ProEnergy within Final Cut Pro X. As layer title effect, users can place and modify the length of each preset with a click of the mouse. Users have full control over randomness and frequency noise, kind of shape, hue, tint strength, disposition, so much, blur, increasing and creating truly infinite possibilities.

Dynamic interference effects in FCPX
Has never been so fun and easy to do everything within Final Cut Pro X. It has never been so fun and easy to do everything with Final Cut Pro X. With ProEnergy users can select from an array of areas completely customizable placement, blurry shapes, line screens, solid, color filters and presets flare. With full control over randomization, the effect duration and location of the effect, the possibilities are truly endless with a click of the mouse.

Infinite possibilities
With ProEnergy, a new energy aspect is just a click a way. With full control over randomization, frequency and noise, users can generate a new look with ease. Users have full control over the type of shape, dye, dye intensity, disposition, quantity, blur, randomization, increased and more within Final Cut Pro X.

Flares and filters
With ProEnergy users have the ability to add sparklers and fully customizable to your media with a mouse click filters. With each flare, users have full control over the mode combination of flares, color, size, intensity, and fall. With each effect customizable filter, users can make additional adjustments to saturation, brightness, contrast, gamma, fluctuation, amount of hair, dust, grain, randomization, adjust color level and within Final Cut Pro X .

Designed for Final Cut Pro X
ProEnergy was professionally designed to work seamlessly within Final Cut Pro X. As an overlay title effect, each preset ProEnergy can drag and drop media and preview in real time. With published parameters found in FCPX inspector, users have the ability to make additional adjustments with just a few clicks of a mouse.

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