LiveGrade Pro 3.9.3

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Date : 2018-03-21
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities Video

LiveGrade Pro 3.9.3

Desription of LiveGrade Pro 3.9.3

Pomfort has released a new version of LiveGrade Pro, its color management system and looks destined to the set.

Besides being able to work with formats as ASC-CDL, Alexa Looks, 3D LUTs or ICC (among others), LiveGrade Pro can be combined with some devices for carrying the desired signal to multiple cameras or monitors. The HDLink Blackmagic and Pandora Pluto joins the IS-Mini Fujifilm, which is supported from this version.

With this update comes a new way to work in the ACES color space, supporting workflows with IDT, ACESlog, RRT and ODT filtering.

In addition, after you can export a CDL (Color Decision List) to take our corrections systems like Scratch, Nucoda or DaVinci Resolve.
New Device Manager

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