Jixipix Watercolor Studio Pro 1.2.3

Hash : 27ecb144d8760129d0e7736d27b93ef5c1f29ba3
Date : 2018-03-27
Tags : MacOs Apps Image Editing Photography

Jixipix Watercolor Studio Pro 1.2.3

Desription of Jixipix Watercolor Studio Pro 1.2.3

Automated software to move from photo to watercolor with a realistic and natural style
The watercolor study creates liquid, liquid, translucent with naturally flowing paint watercolors. Built on top of an incredible rendering system that uses techniques from the real world, this application makes the initial work, producing a watercolor instantly, then lets you customize your paintings using a series of sliders, layers, brushes , washed color and artistic finishes. The final print-quality full transparent and pure beauty bright watercolors.

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