Invisible 2.2

Hash : 40dcd3ec545c5cd639045350c1fb004d6239e3d6
Date : 2018-03-20
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

Invisible 2.2

Desription of Invisible 2.2

The fastest way to keep personal documents from unwanted eyes. 
Drop files instantly invisible to hide from view, and make them visible again as easily with the click of a button. Your private files are kept safely out of sight, and password protected for peace of mind.

Invisible can hide individual documents or entire folders private data and personal files.
Keeping your private files could not be easier.
You can access and edit your files from within the invisible application without the need to make them visible. A quick double – click your file from within the invisible interface will open, tap the space bar gives you a quick look preview.
Invisible does not alter files anyway so there is no chance of corruption or data loss.

Invisible is useful for:
* Quickly clear your desktop (useful for screenshots)
* Hiding personal documents
* hidden in place without altering documents

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