IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate v2017.2.2

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate v2017.2.2

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Date : 2017-08-22
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IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate v2017.2.2

Description of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate v2017.2.2

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate v2017.2.2 | Mac OS X | 616.7 MB.

Depth knowledge of your code. IntelliJ IDEA analyzes your code, looking for connections between symbols among all project files and languages. Using this information provides help coding depth, quick navigation, intelligent analysis of errors and, of course, refactoramientos.

intelligent conclusion
Ctrl + Shift + Space gives you a list of the most important symbols applicable in the present context. This and other terminations are constantly learning from you, moving members of classes and packages most frequently used at the top of the list of suggestions, so you can select them faster.

Completion chain
Dig a little deeper than Smart Completion and symbols applicable list accessible through methods or getters in the current context. Say you’re looking for a Project value and just the statement of the module. Press Ctrl + Shift + Space twice to get module.getProject () without any extra effort.

Completion of static members
Easily use static or constant methods. It provides a list of symbols that match the input and automatically adds the necessary import statements.

Dataflow analysis
By offering variants of completion, IntelliJ IDEA analyzes the data stream to guess the possible type of execution and refines symbol based options that Intel, automatically adding class models.

Injection language
Brings help coding for selected language expressions and string literals in another, with all the advantages that normally would have. For example, you can inject SQL code snippets, XPath, HTML, CSS or JavaScript string literals Java.

Refactorings in several languages
Knowing all about the uses of a symbol, IntelliJ IDEA provides comprehensive and extremely effective refactorings. For example, when the class name changes within a JPA sentence, update everything from JPA entity class, all JPA expressions in which it is used.

Duplicate detection
Find duplicate fragments of code on the fly. Even if it is about to remove a variable, constant or method, IntelliJ IDEA will let you know that there is a similar code fragment that can be replaced with the one that is woking on.

Inspections and quick fixes
IntelliJ IDEA whenever it detects that you are about to make a mistake, a small light bulb appears in the editor. Clicking it or by pressing Alt + Enter a list of actions you can take to make things right opens.

Ergonomics Developer
Every aspect of IntelliJ IDEA is designed with ergonomics in mind. IntelliJ IDEA is based on the principle that every minute spent on a developer flow is a good minute, and the things that break the developers of that flow are bad and should be avoided.

Integrated developer tools
To optimize your workflow, IntelliJ IDEA provides a set of tools unbeatable since the first start: decompiler, bytecode viewer, FTP and many more.

Polyglot experience
In addition to Java, IntelliJ IDEA provides first-class support frameworks and languages ​​for JVM and non-JVM first class.

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