Influenced Trap BigWerks KONTAKT-TTR

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Date : 2018-03-22
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Influenced Trap BigWerks KONTAKT-TTR

Desription of Influenced Trap BigWerks KONTAKT-TTR

Influenced Trap kontakt library was designed to suit the many different styles of music trap from the current style to the more relaxed style production pitfalls. Kontakt designed this library with the right amount of aggressive and relaxed sounds (snare soul) to meet the wide variety of music trap.

Influenced Trap has 14 categories of instruments … It

also has an intuitive and easy to use interface that makes sound settings and
adding fx simple to do.

Instruments include:
Arps, bass, bells, brass, guitars, fx, strings ,
keys, points, synths, pads
808s, flutes and keyboard synthesizer.

FX includes:
Envelope amplifier, envelope filter, personalized reverberation.
Delay, phaser, eq, glide and arpeggiator controls.

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