IK Multimedia Sample Tank 3.7.1

Hash : 07038c2dae2bcc38bc692f390a128a78c96b6c4b
Date : 2018-03-23
Tags : MacOs Apps Audio

IK Multimedia Sample Tank 3.7.1

Desription of IK Multimedia Sample Tank 3.7.1

SampleTank: the workstation industry standard sound that has made history. In 2001, IK Multimedia SampleTank made history with the first workstation based sound samples computer. That release was followed in 2003 by SampleTank 2, which has since become an industry standard with a unique software longevity because of its high quality sound, easy to use interface and powerful effects included. Given its versatility and power, it is no wonder that SampleTank has appeared in many productions and most iconic compositions of the last decade.

Now, for more than ten years in the making, SampleTank 3 is based on the legendary heritage. Like its predecessors, the workstation is more advanced sound available on the market today with a completely new world of sound, playback and editing functions advanced and a complete set of studio-quality effects. SampleTank 3 is based on the characteristics that have made him one of the most popular of all time virtual instruments, so it is an essential piece in the set of musical tools of any serious musician, studio producer or artist live the next years.

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