iBoysoft Drive Manager 2.6

Hash : 898b949bc50feea68bc10f0c15d99107f87618b1
Date : 2018-03-23
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

iBoysoft Drive Manager 2.6

Desription of iBoysoft Drive Manager 2.6

iBoysoft Drive Manager (formerly M3 Drive Mounter) lets you assemble, disassemble or remove a network drive or external hard drive with one click.

Main features:

Managing the network unit and the external unit easily
M3 Drive mounter provides an easy to use to manage the network unit and the external unit, mount / unmount the network unit and the external unit, eject the external drive bar menu with one click. Very easy to use.

Intuitive and flexible
Manage your network drives and external drives quickly and intuitively from the menu bar.

Eject and reassemble
eject and remount external drives without unplugging cables.

Assembly and automatic ejection
Eject all external units automatically and safely when the system sleeps and mount all network drives when the system wakes from suspension.

receive notification when the unit is connected newtwork available, disconnected or mounted external unit, disassembled, reassembled or safely disconnected.

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