GifTools 1.4.0

Hash : 5d040aca6203e018fc1ff0105fa8c8e3c0814746
Date : 2018-02-12
Tags : MacOs Apps Image Editing Photography
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GifTools 1.4.0

Description of GifTools 1.4.0

Romanysoft GifTools is designed for Mac users to convert animated images from GIF to APNG format. It generates APNG files with better quality and smaller file sizes, and meanwhile removes white pixels around the edges in the original GIFs. In addition, it allows users to resize images to the exact pixels or proportion specified before format conversion. For example, when you need to change a 512 x 512 animated Gif file to a 150 x 150 APNG file on a Mac computer, you can use Romanysoft GifTools to achieve that goal.

Version 1.4.0:
Fixed the background color of GIFs turning black from transparent after resizing
Fixed the jitter of GIFs
Fixed the text overflow of y-axial after the preview of converted GIFs
Optimized the rename function of custom aspect ratio in resize
Optimized the user interface
Optimized the content of the Quick Start

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