Contacts Journal CRM 1.4.5

Hash : 8ae80fb75316b5725f4b4fd17d9724975400f1d1
Date : 2018-03-24
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

Contacts Journal CRM 1.4.5

Desription of Contacts Journal CRM 1.4.5

Contacts Journal is a powerful tool that will transform your business and personal relationships: keep notes of important meetings, set follow – ups and meetings, create custom contact fields and attach important documents to each of your contacts. Available on Mac, iPhone and iPad, with continuous synchronization iCloud on all devices.

USE CONTACTS daily to:
• add value to your professional network
• trace their relationships with customers and clients
• Manage your sales pipeline
• maximize the networking opportunities
• see a map of all your contacts, with options for color coding
• prepare for your next meeting
• track interactions with family and friends
• Manage tasks and appointments effectively
• take a virtual folder of documents with you
• keep track of calls
• store important contact through fields customizable contact

• sales teams
• small business owners
• contractors
• portfolio managers
• personal productivity hackers
• professionals such as lawyers, real estate agents, teachers, nurses, etc.

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