CloudMounter 3.2.0

Hash : 290054da7f88ed407dc8465bb9d066984d839f47
Date : 2018-03-21
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

CloudMounter 3.2.0

Desription of CloudMounter 3.2.0

CloudMounter is a centralized service that lets you assign the cloud storage as local units and work with online files like with local ..

Services compatible cloud
– Google Drive
– Microsoft OneDrive
– Dropbox
– Amazon S3
– WebDAV

With this handy utility system can limitlessly expand disk space on your Mac, the only condition is an active Internet connection. Ready to find out how it works? It’s really easy!

Unlike the native clients, CloudMounter local information does not synchronize with your online accounts, actually mounts remote servers on your Mac, as removable disks. You can copy, move, open, download and upload files to your cloud servers, as does your local folders.

CloudMounter is a safe and reliable utility. All connections are made via native API of cloud services, which means that the application does not use any of your login information. All passwords for FTP, WebDAV and Amazon S3 accounts are kept safe in the Mac OS X Keychain Keychain.

CloudMounter is your essential tool if you use multiple accounts cloud or SSD if your Mac has very little capacity. Try it now and enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive solution of the cloud.

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