Chronos Greeting Card Shop 4.0.4

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Date : 2018-03-27
Tags : MacOs Apps Graphics & Design

Chronos Greeting Card Shop 4.0.4

Desription of Chronos Greeting Card Shop 4.0.4

Create greeting cards and invitations. 
Greeting Card Shop helps you create cards for special moments of life. If you are sending an invitation for a birthday, or share your sympathies, the software makes it easy to stay close to those who are important to you. The quickest, easiest way to create greeting cards and invitations!

Some features
• Provides a large number of templates
• Output Share with your friends
• The option Merge

New in version 4
• NEW! Create and reuse unlimited color schemes
• NEW! Photos analyzer calculates the dominant colors in a photo
• NEW! Color wheel with 11 integrated combinations of colors to choose great colors
• NEW! Color combinations are complementary, analogous, triadic and more
• NEW! Tips color theory built to educate on the use of color
• NEW! The color wheel supports artistic primary colors (RYB: red, yellow, blue)
• NEW! The color wheel supports modern primary colors (RGB: red, green, blue)
• NEW! The mixer creates mixtures color between two colors
• NEW! Built -in access color scheme through software
• NEW! Eyedropper retrieves the color of any pixel on the screen
• NEW! Hot / cold indicator color wheel
• NEW! The mixer also supports color tones, tones and tones
• NEW! Built sliders to adjust the base color
• NEW! Built hexadecimal field to copy / paste colors with other applications
• BONUS ITEMS ! Six (6) all new cards Valentine Valentine in US sizes

NEW 4.0 FEATURES: Photo Analyzer.
Select any photo in your design and then press a special button to see the dominant colors in the photo. Then you can create a color scheme based on these colors.

NEW 4.0 FEATURES: Schemes unlimited color. 
Create an unlimited number of schemes. You can give each scheme a memorable name and then reused when designing multiple pages in an album.

4.0 NEW FEATURE: Color Wheel. 
Use the color wheel to discover color combinations based on the same color theory used by artists. To make exploration more fun color, the color wheel rotates when a new base color is selected.

NEW 4.0 FEATURES: Shadow Generator.
Use shades between two dominant colors in your photos to create a monochromatic look that is pleasing to the eye and keep the focus on photos.

4.0 NEW FEATURE: Integration of color scheme. 
Using your color schemes is easy because their schemes are available in color pickers throughout the software.

4.0 NEW FEATURE: Dropper. 
Use the eyedropper to quickly and easily retrieve the color of any pixel on the screen. Dropper provides a convenient way to create color schemes illustrations or source material in any part of the screen form.

4.0 NEW FEATURE: hot / cool divisor.
The indicator heat / cold color wheel divided in warm and cool colors. Cold hot off refers to the psychological impact that colors have a message to convey. Warm colors are often associated with the heat of the fire and the sun, while cool colors are often associated with the freshness of the sea, sky and foliage.

New in Version 4.0.3:
web links updated software to work with the new website

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