Cathode 2.4.1

Hash : 1222bc85526f6f1576f2c086d97f1de00c3687d4
Date : 2018-03-22
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

Cathode 2.4.1

Desription of Cathode 2.4.1

Cathode is a graphically rich vintage terminal. 
Enjoy the brightness of the matches too bright blinking and slowly disappear. Customize the curvature, colors and transparency of the screen. Reduce the bit rate to a crawl. Look at the strange dance of desyncs beam and changing colors. Turn up the noise, jitter and flicker to add a realistic heat. Immerse yourself in full – screen mode.

Fully Highlights:
– Fast and accurate emulation
buffer dynamic displacement –
– 256 colors
– Unicode *
– 12 retro sources : Great integration of Mac – Drag and drop files – customizable keyboard – Mouse Copy / Paste

– Command-click to open the URL
– Save / Recall favorite commands

Special Effects:
– Choose from a large collection of topics that cover all ages.
– Modify the contents of your heart with a dozen sliders in real time.
– Effects include the curvature of the screen, burning, scan lines and transparency.
– Halos bright simulate the reaction of the human eye to a high gloss.
– Slow down bit like an old modem.

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