Bookends 13.0.7

Hash : d3c3a28a890adbec9908c9408f2bf5869e28a16c
Date : 2018-03-24
Tags : MacOs Apps PDF

Bookends 13.0.7

Desription of Bookends 13.0.7

Bookends can find references on the Internet and bring PDFs or associated pages, or references to manage PDFs you already have on your computer. And that’s just the beginning: organize, group, export, is all well covered.
Bookends is a handy tool that will facilitate tasks such as collecting, annotating and get all the information published. He further simplify the work when searching the Internet and get PDF files.

Among the features presented Bookends, you will have the possibility to organize such searches, so that later it much easier to find what you need.
Having chosen to download Bookends, you’ll come to a simple and intuitive interface, no complex options, which can be used even by those who have not previously worked with an application of this type.

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