BetterTouchTool 2.332 For MacOsx Patched

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Date : 2018-03-27
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BetterTouchTool 2.332 For MacOsx Patched

Description of BetterTouchTool 2.332 For MacOsx Patched

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BetterTouchTool 2.332 For MacOsx Patched

BetterTouchTool 2.332

BetterTouchTool allows you to use finger gestures with your Magic Mouse, MacBook Trackpad and Magic Trackpad to activate keyboard shortcuts, move and resize windows, launch applications and URLs, select windows, and add functions to applications. It's especially useful for Mac users who do lots of work in applications like iPhoto or Aperture, or who surf the web.

This app along with finger gestures to play and pause iTunes, hide the frontmost application, close Safari tabs, post a tweet in TweetBot, adjust the volume control, delete files on my desktop, and much more. The app lets you create and manage custom buttons for your Touch Bar. You can use those custom buttons in all apps, or you can set up special buttons for use only in certain apps.

Advanced Features, Actions, And Ways To Use:

Predefined Actions:
It includes over a hundred actions that you can apply finger gestures to. Some of the more practical ones include Hide All Windows, Open Application/File, Open URL, Sleep Computer, Mute Sound, Trigger menu bar item and Enter Full Screen. Check out the list and see which actions you manually perform on a regular basis, and instead assign finger gestures to perform those actions using BTT.

Two Or More Actions:
A later update to the app added way to include additional actions for a single gesture. you probably experience applications that require to you use the Command+Delete keys to delete a file. And typically you also have to confirm the deletion by activating the Delete key before the action is fully complete. With BTT you can perform two or more actions with a single gesture.

Resize Windows:
If you click on the Advanced button in the menu bar then click Action Settings, there are whole set of actions for moving and resizing windows, and for dragging and snapping them to different parts of your screen. The developer’s other application, BetterSnapTool Take Control of Windows On Your Mac Desktop With BetterSnapTool and Houdini Take Control of Windows On Your Mac Desktop With BetterSnapTool and Houdini No matter if you have a small 11" MacBook Air or a 27" iMac, you typically are going to wrestle with managing windows on your desktop screen.

Adjust Gesture Sensitivity:
If you find yourself becoming a BTT power user, you might want to take a look at the various settings for adjusting the speed and pressure sensitivity of finger taps. The developer says you shouldn’t have to fiddle with the settings much, but if you find that your gestures are a little slow to activate actions, or if they set things off too quickly, try making some adjustments to those settings.
You can always click the Reset ALL button to get back to the default settings.

These gestures are customizable:

Magic Mouse:
Pinch in / out (zoom)
single-finger tap left
single-finger tap right
single-finger tap middle
single-finger tap
single-finger click middle
two-finger tap
two-finger click
two-finger swipe (up/down/left/right)
two-finger tip tap left/right
three-finger tap
three-finger click
three-finger swipe (up/down/left/right)
four-finger swipe up/down
four-finger click
TipTap left/right

single-finger tap top-left
single-finger tap top-right
single-finger tap top-middle
single-finger tap bottom-left
single-finger tap bottom-right
single-finger tap bottom-middle
single-finger tap left-middle
single-finger tap right-middle
two-finger tip tap left/right
three-finger swipes (up/down/left/right)
three-finger tap
three-finger click
four-finger swipes (up/down/left/right)
four-finger tap
five-finger tap
five-finger swipe up/down/left/right (see FAQ)
two-finger TipTap
three-finger TipTap

BTT Remote:
It allows you to perform actions you set up on your Mac using BTT. It goes well beyond Apple’s own Remote app in that you can remotely activate virtually any action in your BTT library.You can use it for playing and pausing iTunes or Rdio, taking an application full screen, adjusting the sound volume, putting my display to sleep, assigning a 5 star rating to a currently playing song—all from my office recliner. Warning: an app like this can make you pretty lazy.

BetterTouchTool is definitely for Mac geeks and power users, but if you work at your Mac throughout the day and you’re not especially good at remembering and using keyboard shortcuts, BTT is an awesome alternative tool for navigating your Mac.

What’s New:
This should fix various dragging related problems
Should restore basic functionality on 10.13.2 beta (force trackpads should work OK, normal trackpads won’t be able to recogize click gestures and magic mouse unfortunately doesn’t work at all yet)
Support for new Siri Remote.

Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor

  • Native Instruments Thrill 1.1 KONTAKT

  • NCH ExpressDictate 7.00

  • Yummy FTP Watcher 3.0.9

  • Yummy FTP Pro 2.0.5

  • WebSnapperPro 2.3.0

  • goPanel 1.9.4