Backgrounds 6.0

Hash : d7921158a906d9c66c76ae0f881503b2e0694ed4
Date : 2018-03-27
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

Backgrounds 6.0

Desription of Backgrounds 6.0

Backgrounds 6.0 MAS | Mac OS X | 52.85 MB. 

His desk, like never before. 
Make your desktop more interesting and useful, with 6 themes: iTunes, Parallax, Video, quartz, and system time.
And a Widget for Notification Center.

1) iTunes: Shows the work of the current iTunes track as wallpaper. Or a music video
– Play a video that matches the current, excellent for playing music videos track.
– Use the first tracks artwork, random, which best suits the current screen or all the artwork that change every 20 seconds.
– Automatically activated when playing music.
– Full screen mode available.

2) Parallax: give depth to your desktop by moving the cursor.
– Use the image or images user ‘s desktop.
– Flip the x or y direction of shaft movement.

3) Video: play any video as wallpaper.
– Express yourself with your own videos and wallpapers Live
– Add your own video loop to make it even better.
– Add multiple files and play all as a playlist.

4) Quartz: quartz run any composition as wallpaper.
– Make your own compositions quartz or download.
– Access to information on the current iTunes track.

5) System: Monitoring CPU usage and network.
– Get out of your system from Notification Center with the included widget.
– Set your own speed limits bandwidth or leave as 0 for dynamic mode.
– Set transparent to combine it with your desktop image.
– Adjust the pointer speed and refresh rate.
– Adjust the size and position you like best.
– Measure the connection as bits or bytes.

6) Time: Knowing the time of his desk.
– Custom attributes such as font, size, position, color and shade.
– Show or hide the day, month and seconds.

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