Athentech Perfectly Clear Essentials

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Date : 2018-03-20
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Athentech Perfectly Clear Essentials

Desription of Athentech Perfectly Clear Essentials

Athentech has launched a new product called Perfectly Clear Essentials. This product contains all the controls for tone, color and details that can deliver perfect exposure, excellent color and sharp pictures silently. All Creative preset functionalities, as well as filters LOOK and proofreaders are also unlocked.

More than 40 useful settings for exposure, color and perfect details
Includes 32 presets useful to solve most photographic challenges
includes 42 creative styling LOOK your images
Unlocks more features with your favorite presets or MIRADAS
Create your own presets and share them with other

is virtually identical to Complete Perfectly Clear except in two ways.
Eliminates all Beautify controls technology. These settings are useful for portrait and wedding photographers, but they are not really useful for people of landscapes and travel.
He eliminated the export module batch of Lightroom.

While both of the above are useful, they are designed for professionals who require the most time – saving options for processing portraits. If you need portrait settings, you can easily add pre – set packages or new Kristina Sherk Matthew Jordan Smith.

You can also create your own presets and share their favorite settings with other users. This is a great deal if you want the time – saving features and advanced technology to unlock the perfect exposure and sharper images.

Compatibility : macOS 10.9 or later 64 – bit Lightroom 4 or later, including v6 and CC

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  • ChronoSync 4.8.6

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  • Yummy FTP Watcher 3.0.8

  • Contexts 3.6.1

  • Smarky 2.7