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apple macOS Sierra

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How to find the macOS version number on your Mac
About This Mac shows the version and build of your Mac operating system.

Is your Mac operating system up to date? Does it meet the system requirements of an app or device that you want to use with your Mac? Which macOS versions are earlier or later than the version you're using? To help answer these questions, you need to know which macOS version you're using now.

Check About This Mac
From the Apple () menu in the corner of your screen, choose About This Mac. The version of your operating system appears beneath “macOS” or “OS X” in the window that opens. If you need to know the build, click the version. This example shows macOS High Sierra version 10.13, build 17A365:

These are the versions and builds of each Mac operating system made available from the Mac App Store,* starting with the most recent. If your Mac isn't up to date, learn how to update to a later version of macOS or reinstall macOS.

macOS High Sierra
Version Build
10.13.3 17D47 or 17D2047
10.13.2 17C88, 17C89, 17C205, 17C2205
10.13.1 17B48, 17B1002, or 17B1003
10.13 17A365 or 17A405
macOS Sierra
Version Build
10.12.6 16G29, 16G1036, 16G1114, or 16G1212
10.12.5 16F73
10.12.4 16E195
10.12.3 16D32
10.12.2 16C67
10.12.1 16B2555 or 16B2557
10.12 16A323
OS X El Capitan
Version Build
10.11.6 15G31, 15G17023, 15G18013, or 15G19009
10.11.5 15F34
10.11.4 15E65
10.11.3 15D21
10.11.2 15C50
10.11.1 15B42
10.11 15A284
OS X Yosemite
Version Build
10.10.5 14F27
10.10.4 14E46
10.10.2 14C109
10.10.1 14B25
10.10 14A389
OS X Mavericks
Version Build
10.9.5 13F34
10.9.4 13E28
10.9.3 13D65
10.9.2 13C64
10.9.1 13B42
10.9 13A603
OS X Mountain Lion
Version Build
10.8.5 12F37, 12F45, or 12F2029
10.8.4 12E55
10.8.3 12D78
10.8.2 12C54, 12C60, or 12C2034
10.8.1 12B19
10.8 12A269
Earlier versions of OS X
Lion 10.7
Snow Leopard 10.6
Leopard 10.5
Tiger 10.4
Panther 10.3
Jaguar 10.2
Puma 10.1
Cheetah 10.0

How to reinstall macOS

Download macOS 10.13.3 Combo DMG File (Require macOS 10.13)
Download macOS 10.13.3 Delta DMG File (Require macOS 10.13.2)
Download macOS 10.13.3 DMG File for iMac Pro
Download macOS 10.13.3 Final DMG Installer | Link 2 | App Store Link

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  • DiRT 3 Complete Edition 1.0.3

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