Alternote the Note-taking App 1.0.18

Hash : 372da30effc259a2fc74e04314f8ce0820aec387
Date : 2018-03-23
Tags : MacOs Apps Utilities

Alternote the Note-taking App 1.0.18

Desription of Alternote the Note-taking App 1.0.18

Alternote is a great application for taking notes OS X that integrates with Evernote. Designed to be the most convenient and natural to take notes, collect information, write your ideas, feelings and memories form. Alternote is absolutely secure. No Alternote servers in the chain, only you, your Mac and Evernote back-end.

# No distractions
interface dims slightly as you start typing. Now we just concentrate on writing.

# Night mode and font settings
changes the background of the sidebar, the color scheme and font settings as you want.

# Robust search
Look through the note title and content as you type. Starts looking just when you start Alternote, there is no search field approach.

# Endorsed by Evernote
Alternote is an alternative client Evernote for Mac. You can use mobile applications clippers and Evernote. All your data will be synchronized.

# Retina ready and soft
You shall use every pixel of Alternote. It is ready for retina and has a smooth and optimized displacement. No matter how long is your note.

# WYSIWYG, when you need it
controls text style and do not bother you appear when you select something.

# Compact Mode
Hide sidebar and display notes in a line.

* Support Yinxiang Biji
* Colored labels
* Support attachments
* Print to PDF
* Intuitive Shortcuts
* ToDo Lists
* and many more!

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