AKVIS Pastel 4.0.465.16054

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Date : 2018-03-15
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AKVIS Pastel 4.0.465.16054

Description of AKVIS Pastel 4.0.465.16054

AKVIS Pastel creates pastel paintings from photographs. The program is able to convert your photo into a work of digital art imitating one of the most popular artistic techniques – the art of cake.

The cake combines the techniques of drawing and painting. Pastel pencils, consisting of dry pigments, create smooth and velvety strokes with subtle edges that can be spread with fingers. To paint in this technique, it is necessary to have a rough surface which can retain the pigment.

The distinctive features of the technique of pastel are vibrant and bright colors and velvety texture. Unlike oil painting or watercolor, pastel not cover the surface completely. Small spaces left uncovered let the background paper color show through the strokes and thus increase the picturesque effect.

AKVIS Pastel is a powerful tool to unleash your creativity. Once loaded the image into the program, you can choose one of the default settings or change the pastel to create a unique painting effects. The possibility of adjusting parameters will provide control over digital art. The software will start creating your new cake with a single mouse click.

What’s new in version 4.0:
AKVIS Pastel automatically converts your photos into stunning paintings in pastel colors. Version 4.0 provides the texture library updated, the new function of random patterns on the Frame tab, several interface enhancements, support for new RAW files and other changes. Create masterpieces with your photos!

In version 4.0:
Texture Library updated
The library of textures in the Frame tab has been revised and updated! It offers an impressive array of new textures and patterns of high quality divided into different thematic categories including vacation, nature, postage, etc. The pattern frame includes two additional categories: Stars and ornaments and doodles. Experiment with the settings and make the image look completely different!
Random frame patterns
frame patterns offers the new feature: random patterns! Simply select the check box to mix up to 20 patterns in a frame. Use Random Seed settings to create multiple combinations with a single mouse click.
Interface improvements
The user interface has undergone several improvements. The check boxes on the tab Marco have been replaced with new icons for easy operation. Enabled tools on the toolbar are now marked with color to make it easier to distinguish between states enabled / disabled.

Also in the new version:
– support for more RAW files in the standalone version was added.
– improved algorithm for increased brightness patterns and textures;
– Fixed minor bugs.

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