AKVIS ArtWork 11.0.1975.16854

AKVIS ArtWork 11.0.1975.16854

Hash : ff2c27a5597bb0cbff3c843d6a5ae242a16e47fc
Date : 2018-08-08
Tags : Photography Graphics & Design MacOs Apps

AKVIS ArtWork 11.0.1975.16854

Description of AKVIS ArtWork 11.0.1975.16854

AKVIS ArtWork is an ideal solution for creative expression! Combining advanced technologies with an artistic approach, the program is represented as an impressive creative suite and a perfect virtual artist. The transformation of a picture into a painting happens before your eyes: you can follow the birth of a work of art in real time!

Effects and characteristics:
Oil technique converts your photographs into oil paintings. The program establishes brush strokes naturally using the original photo as a reference. Even with the default settings, you can achieve a realistic result is too close to hand – painted works. Change options, and you can research a variety of oil painting styles. For those who need more flexibility and have ideas about how it should look the last gasp, there is a tool called Address Golpe. This semi – automatic and highly intelligent tool is a real godsend as it gives you full control over the strokes!
Watercolor style
Converts a photo into a watercolor painting. Watercolor is one of the most difficult painting techniques and it is difficult for a machine to emulate this effect, but ArtWork handles it well. The software allows you to create beautiful watercolor paintings, airy and light that seem realistic paintings.
The Gouache effect
Lets you create a gouache painting from a photo. You can also make an image look like a picture of temperature. Gouache is a versatile painting technique which uses dense intensive colors. Its characteristics are brilliance and opacity. The function of opacity and covering power allow you to create outstanding effects that can not be achieved with watercolor paints. This technique is widely used in decorative painting and when creating color sketches and drawings.
The Comics effect
lets you replicate works of famous comics artists with just a few clicks. This effect reduces the tones of the photo to create a similar to a poster or a cartoon image. You can make a comic strip from your party photos or create an original poster.
The Pen & Ink effect
Creates ink drawings from digital photos. It is emulating a special technique in which colored inks are applied to paper with a pen, from modern pens to a quill dipped in an inkwell. This style produces elegant images composed of object outlines.
The Linocut effect
Create an image in the style of a linocut print. The linograbado is a method in which a raised pattern is carved into a piece of linoleum, which is then used with ink to print an image on paper. Linoleum are known for their characteristic expressiveness, strong contrast between black and white, and rich, lush strokes. This effect is ideal for images of architecture or nature scenes.

System Requirements:
– Mac OS X 10.7-10.11, macOS 10.12-10.13
– Intel, 4GB RAM, 2GB HDD
– Adobe Photoshop CC-CC 2018
– Adobe Photoshop CS-CS6
– Adobe Photoshop Elements 1-15 2018

  • Atomix VirtualDJ Pro Infinity 8.3.4459

  • VSCO FILM 01 (Updated 07.2018)

  • Scrutiny 8.1.9

  • Tetraface Inc Metasequoia 4.6.7

  • Microsoft Excel 2016 VL 16.16.1

  • Clearview 2.0.6