Acorn 6.0.4

Hash : af48d6f266e9e609b1e81bd43e2d49dc9a3bf2bc
Date : 2017-12-06
Tags : MacOs Apps Graphics

Acorn 6.0.4

Desription of Acorn 6.0.4

Acorn 6.0.4 Final | Mac OS X | 12 MB.

Graphical editor for humans.

Although Acorn Acorn mean in English, the authors consider it an image editor for humans, and that this nice tool lets use both by experts and newcomers to the world of digital image editing.

With Acorn You can open images in standard formats, including Photoshop PSD format, and edit photos or draw well.

Acorn has a brush editor, adding new textures and forms that already incorporates Acorn and allow you to perform all kinds of strokes, with the mouse or a digitizer tablet. And for photo editing, Acorn provides filters to apply to the entire image or a particular layer.

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