Aartform Curvy3D 2.0

Aartform Curvy3D 2.0

Name : Aartform Curvy3D 2.0

Date : 2017-12-10 04:57:51 +0000 UTC

Hash : 11288ffb447cb3b5c14388d95ccf9d17c853693f

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Aartform Curvy 3D is an easy and fast sculpting program for Windows.

Aartform Curvy 3D has new volumetric sculpting tools that makes basemesh creation incredibly easy. You can draw the shapes for your model then merge the shapes together to create a seamless base mesh. This is great for rapid content creation and produces an even mesh for detailing in other modelling software.

Curvy’s hand drawn curves turn effortlessly into rounded forms and, with no UV mapping required, can be textured and exported ready for instant conversion to Sculpted Prims. Curvy is the easiest sculptie program for Second Life.

Curvy is great at organic art, and now adds a full set of digital clay tools to its drawing toolset. Warp brushes let you sculpt as easily as you can paint colours onto the surface. You can pinch, and buldge, roughen, smooth and flatten the model easily. 3D Sculpting is easy and fun with Curvy.

Artists with an interest in getting into computer graphics appreciate the sketch based graphic tools and intuitive controls to shape and sculpt models in Curvy – it is all simple and non-technical, you don’t have to work with individual triangles. And it is easy to use Curvy models with programs like Bryce, Poser, Fragmotion & Meshlab, both for import and to export then render.

Curvy has improved obj export so it is easier to use Curvy models in other rendering software. You can also save hi-resolution screenshots from Curvy’s views for use in another graphics program, and Curvy’s TGA screenshots support Alpha for easy compositing in your graphics program.

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