4K Stogram 2.1

4K Stogram 2.1

Name : 4K Stogram 2.1

Date : 2016-07-22 14:40:22 +0000 UTC

Hash : 28e623dded20ba33f2847c9b4f81e15eb8f5d2b0

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4K Stogram 2.1 – Download Instagram photos.
Size: 24.54 MB

4K Stogram allows users to download the photos of any Instagram user. Enter a username and all photos will be saved on your Mac.

Grab photos of few account simultaneously and save it in JPEG on your desktop.
Follow your favourite photographers and get their latest photos automatically.
Login with your Instagram credentials and download photos of private friends accounts.
Access to your viewer directly from the application.
Download Instagram video in MP4 format.
Enjoy the minimalistic interface of application.
Use 4K Stogram on your PC, Mac or Ubuntu for free.


OS X 10.6 or later

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