3D Sports Graphics 1.0

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Date : 2018-02-15
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3D Sports Graphics 1.0

Desription of 3D Sports Graphics 1.0

XEffects 3D Sports Graphics is a set of 24 glossy 3D, plugins transmission quality professionally designed for sports TV and video production. Highly customizable, you can create sports graphics according to your exact requirements.

Ten color palettes are included to choose from , or you can use your own to match the identity of its transmission, corporate colors or strip your local club team.
All 4K Ready for Final Cut Pro X, these customizable graphics are an elegant way to add statistics, scores and information to sports videos.
These add- ons are perfect for sports, but because of the built -in flexibility, can be used for anything, whether corporate, transmission or just a big name super attractive.

10 color palettes preset in each template or choose your own
use images or video panels: no drop zones for easy editing
Many viewing options and XY positioning each template
Adjust the width and depth of the strip in general each article
View up to 12 rows with 4 columns of text on global movement
build and build animations or disable them in each template to cut them and dissolve
Layer titles for ‘Change ons’
Drop Zones for team logos and images of flags
ready 4K

  • PDF Expert 2.4 (511)

  • BetterZip 4.1.3

  • Kodak Preps 8.2.0

  • Mail Detective 1.3

  • PDF Plus 1.2

  • JetBrains Rider 2018.1.2