1Password 6.8

1Password 6.8

Name : 1Password 6.8

Date : 2017-07-18 03:07:42 +0000 UTC

Hash : 5ba3cbbc0110743d8179c2514d130ee6b97816fd

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1Password 6.8
Size: 48.25 MB

1Password is a password manager that uniquely brings you both security and convenience. It is the only program that provides anti-phishing protection and goes beyond password management by adding Web form filling and automatic strong password generation. Your confidential information, including passwords, identities, and credit cards, is kept secure using strong encryption.

1Password fully supports major Web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. All browser extensions share the same encrypted data which means you never need to manually copy your passwords between browsers or from the password manager to a browser ever again!

1Password has received numerous awards, including 5 mice from Macworld magazine, MacLife Editors pick, and was the Pick of Week on MacBreak Weekly by both Leo Laporte and Merlin Mann.

1Password is also available for and syncs with Windows, iOS, and Android.

Version 6.7:
You can now access the settings menu directly while option-clicking the 1Password mini icon in the menu bar
Updated the wording in the account migrator window to reflect that we’re copying items and not moving them outright
Improved the unlock time from the main app for those of you with a lot of vaults
Improved the unlock time for those of you with multiple accounts
Memory performance improvements
Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin.com
Removed the 5MB Document upload size limit for 1Password.com accounts. The new limit is now based on how much space you have left on your account
Updated our browser code signature checks to support the latest Google Chrome updates
Repaired an issue where 1Password mini would go into Read-only mode until the main 1Password app was launched
Mended the problem that copying values from text fields while editing wouldn’t actually copy aforementioned values
Resolved a matter where disabling standalone vaults wouldn’t refresh the Preferences window
Corrected a bug that could cause the Auto Save window to remember typed values
Fixed an issue that could cause the labels for the section separators in the item list to be misaligned
1Password now ensures that items you create are supported by the vault to which they’re being added to
Clicking the unlock button no longer errantly enables the Touch ID button when the lid is closed
Dismissing the Touch ID prompt with the lid closed no longer enables the Touch ID button
1Password now re-establishes focus on the Master Password field if you cancel Touch ID
If you switch categories while looking at search results it will now clear out the search results
Fixed issues with the wrong icon showing after setting a custom icon on an item
1Password.com Account Login items were incorrectly changing the type of the Secret Key field in the web form details. No longer
Fixed an issue that caused folks to receive a “device added” email while signing up for a new 1Password.com account
Resolved a layout issue that would cause the show/hide button text in the sidebar to become truncated
Resolved a crash that sometimes occurred when editing an item on a MacBook Pro with Touch ID
Fixed an issue that would cause a crash when accessing the in-app billing window
Fixed a rare crash that could occur while enabling standalone vaults

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