010 Editor 7.0.1

Hash : ca0e775838f7afda8a3d78c65e5c49bf951cab6a
Date : 2016-05-23
Tags : MacOs Apps

010 Editor 7.0.1

Desription of 010 Editor 7.0.1

Version: 7.0.1
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: KG

OS version: 10.5 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
RAM minimum: N/A
Video RAM: N/A

– Fixed Find in Files would crash on some Windows 8/10 64-bit machines.
– Fixed ID Bytes detection may fail on some files or drives over 2 GB in length.
– Mac application is now properly signed.
– Fixed help viewer crash on Windows XP.
– Fixed output from Printf inside an on-demand struct or read function was not being properly displayed in the Output area.
– Fixed problem displaying the Print dialog on some machines.
– Fixed problem saving files on Windows with no extension.
– Fixed issue loading bookmarks containing non-ASCII character names.
– Fixed crash on some Mac machines rendering certain fonts.
– Now show a warning that the Print dialog cannot be displayed if no printers are installed.

↑ Info
010 Editor – The Professional Text/Hex Editor with Binary Templates

Text Editor
Edit text files, Unicode and UTF-8 files, C/C++ source code, etc. Unlimited undo and powerful editing and scripting tools.

Hex Editor
Unequalled binary editing performance. Edit any file of any size. Use powerful Binary Templates technology to understand binary data.

Disk Editor
Find and fix programs with hard drives, memory keys, flash drives, CD-ROMs, etc.

Process Editor
Investigate and modify memory from processes.

. . . plus much more.

Powerful Workspace view including file explorer.
Convert data between ASCII, EBCDIC, Unicode, UTF-8, etc.
Inspector allows data to be quickly interpreted in different formats.
Mark important bytes using Bookmarks.
Full integrated expression calculator.
Apply Highlighting rules to identify bytes in a file.
Import or export data in Intel Hex Format, Motorola S-Records, Hex Text, C/C++/Java Code, Base64, Uuencoding, RTF, or HTML.
Printing with full print preview, headers, footers, and margins.

More Info: http://www.sweetscape.com/

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